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Cryptozoic Entertainment

Big Potato Games has released an auction party game, WizKids has a deluxe edition of Fantasy Realms available for pre-order, and Cryptozoic has released a solo Batman board game.

A new Halloween edition of Patchwork is coming soon, Rio Grande has announced a new game, and Paste Magazine posts a roundup of their favorite games at this year’s Gen Con.

A new team based spin-off to Spyfall has been announced, Final Frontier has a new game up for pre-order, and Ultra PRO has announced an updated version to Dracarys Dice.

Cryptozoic has announced a Wonder Woman card game, WizKids has released a roll-and-write game, and Lucky Duck Games has announced a new game for later this month.

WizKids has announced an English edition of El Maestro, Pandasaurus Games has made Ctrl available for pre-order, and Looney Labs has announced SpongeBob Fluxx.

Game companies are continuing to release free content from a brand new, free expansion for Kingdomino to a new edition of Love Letter. Cryptozoic is having a game sale on their website, and a free Nancy Drew Scopa deck is also available to print.

Hobby World has announced a new board game, Renegade Game Studios has Succulent up for pre-order, and Cryptozoic is running a contest where the winner gets their likeness in one of their upcoming games.

Smirk & Dagger Games has released a new game, Tasty Minstrel has a new game set for release at the end of the month, and Cryptozoic Entertainment has announced a new Steven Universe game.

Time to tap into your inner evil genius as you vie for inventions, minions, and precious supplies that will bring your ideas to life.

How abstract can you go and still be able to recognize a well-known figure or a beloved fictional character? Can you guess Steve Jobs from a handful of colors? Or can you create Lara Croft with just three?