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News Flash: New Game from Floodgate, Vegas Showdown Pre-Order

News Flash

Landmarks from Floodgate Games
Floodgate Games has announced Landmarks, set for release at this year's Gen Con. "You've got the map, but the rest of your party is lost in a jungle filled with treacherous traps, evil curses, and bit ol' piles of sweet sparkling treasure. Guide them to the good stuff by sending a chain of one-word clues, steering them from danger and leading them to riches."

Vegas Showdown Pre-Order
Renegade Game Studios is releasing a brand-new edition of Vegas Showdown, and currently has it available for pre-order. "Resources are limited, so you’ll have to outbid each other to get the best contractors to work on your project. With the right combination of restaurants, lounges, gaming rooms, and other attractions - along with some well-timed publicity - the jewel of the Entertainment Capital of the World will be yours."

Inori Announced
Space Cowboys has announced Inori, a new 40-minute game for 2-4 players and set for release in September. "In this coopetitive game, players must not only compete but also ally with their opponents to gain the favor of the spirits! Each turn, players skillfully place their Offering pieces, thus collecting valuable bonuses. But beware, spots are limited! The competition is fierce, and every decision counts."

Tree Society Announced
Plan B Games has announced Tree Society, which is expected to be released this October. "Support your community while making your stall prosper, take advantage of other players to sell your resources at the best price, and earn the favor of new guilds by skillfully combining their powers with the sole goal of reaching the top. But remember, only one of you will win the victory! "

Next Lorcana Set
Ravensburger has announced the next Lorcana set of cards. It is titled Shimmering Skies and should be in stores in August. "The guest list includes new faces like Wreck-It Ralph and his pixelated pals from Litwak’s Arcade as well as Anna, Elsa, and Olaf fresh from their most recent adventure into the Enchanted Forest. It’s an event the realm will always remember!"

The Revenant Society PDF Released
Van Ryder Games has released their story-telling game The Revenant Society: The Endless Loop Beneath the City as a PDF edition. "In each game, Revenants are trapped in a time loop of the same night (typically midnight to dawn). The game takes place over four of those time loops. "

Inheritors (Board Game Quest): “A solid hand-management game with a few fun twists that really help mix up the experience. While not revolutionary, if card games of this type are your jam, this one is unique enough to carve out a spot in your collection.”

Nekojima (Coopgestalt): “A fun, cooperative dexterity game that leans pretty heavily into the cat theme … but it’s still pretty much an abstract game.  The cats do make it cuter though.”

The Walking Dead: Surrounded (Board Game Gumbo) “What sets the game apart are the scenarios. They are bite-sized yet still deliver enough puzzle to keep me interested. It’s the kind of small experience that I can set up and play two or three scenarios in under a half-hour.”

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