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News Flash: Ultimatch Coming Soon, King of Tokyo Duel Announced


Fireside Games Announce Ultimatch
Fireside Games has announced a new cooperative card game, set for release next week. “An addictive cooperative twist on matching card games that brings new options for making matches. The goal is to remove all the cards from a pyramid by matching them. You make matches by color, number, addition, subtraction, or even mixing colors, but you want to think through the best cards to use now and which ones to save for later.”

King of Tokyo Duel Announced
IELLO has announced a new two-player game in the King of Tokyo game line. "As night falls on Tokyo, two massive silhouettes rise from the smoke snaking up from destroyed skyscrapers. There can only be one who will be crowned King of Tokyo, either by annihilating their Rival or by inspiring terror and awe from the crowds."

Gemstone Caverns Released
ThinkFun has released a puzzle dice game. "In this puzzle-y dice game you'll play as miners in the depths of Gemstone Caverns, rolling the gem dice to determine which jewels you'll collect and sell for profit at the local Gem Market! The most strategic miner will end the game with a beautiful cart full of groups of 5 or more of each gem shape to sell to the finicky Gem Buyer."

Star Wars: The Deckbuilding Game - Clone Wars Edition Announced
Fantasy Flight Games has announced a new standalone edition of their Star Wars deck-builder. The game is expected to be released in August. “We mentioned earlier how this was a standalone edition for Star Wars: The Deckbuilding game. However, if you happen to own the original edition of the game, you can combine the elements from that game with this one to make your own unique experience.”

Festival Pre-Order
Scorpion Masqué has a new tile placement and tile stacking game available for pre-order, set for release in September. "In Festival, you select tiles to place on your tableau to create the most impressive and beautiful fireworks display possible...and of course, score the most points!"

Lost Ruins of Arnak (Gameosity): “If you like the idea of a strategic worker placement puzzle with gorgeous production value and clever design, definitely check out Lost Ruins of Arnak.”

Find Finley (The Board Game Family): “We can’t imagine playing just one Challenge in Find Finley. Inevitably, you’ll want to play through 3 or 4 Challenges in an evening.”

Big Sur (One Board Family) “A tableau builder with engine-building and card drafting. These are some of our favorite mechanics, all packed into a small box.”

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