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Fireside Games has announced a new card game, IELLO has announced a two-player King of Tokyo game, and ThinkFun has released a new puzzle dice game.

A new game from the designer of Wingspan has been announced, Asmodee has released a game based on the show Cobra Kai¸ and Rio Grande Games has announced a new card game.

In 1988, investigative reporter Andy Bailey was shot while pursuing a story. The case was never solved. Can you comb through witness statements, autopsy reports, and crime scene photos to find the killer all these years later?

The Cursed Dollhouse is an escape room game that features a five room, three-dimensional dollhouse, each with objects to manipulate and secrets to explore. Read our review, then enter our giveaway to win a free copy!

The newest puzzler from ThinkFun is all about lining up dominos and knocking them down, but in a specific order!

You fly your UFO to the farm and target the cows. Will you be able to capture them all and make off with them?

Put your brain to the test as you stretch, roll, and connect putty to fill the grid and solve the puzzle.

Color Fold is a logic puzzle with a simple premise: can you fold the cloth in the perfect way so that only four specific squares can be seen? The concept may be simple, but the solutions rarely are.

The holidays are nearly upon us! Games make a great gift, and we want to make your Christmas shopping easier this year. Enter to win one of these 6 brand new games, courtesy of ThinkFun and Pressman Toy!

In this kid-friendly asymmetrical game, one player searches the forest for Shadowlings with only a small lantern for light.