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News Flash: Gamewright Announces Wrath of Fire Mountain, The Op Releases a Movement Party Game

Wrath of Fire Mountain

Wrath of Fire Mountain Announced
Gamewright has announced a new board game, set for release in August. "In this prehistoric strategy game, you must compete to dominate the board with your cave people, hatch and collect dinosaurs, and escape the volcano before it destroys your plans. "

Move Like Me Released
The Op has released a new movement-based party game. "A group game sure to get everyone moving and laughing. It’s like the telephone game, but with movement, and it can be even more fun when it goes wrong!"

Gen Con 2024 Preview
Board Game Geek has launched their annual Gen Con games preview list. "Gen Con is the largest and longest-running game convention in the U.S., and this preview highlights new games being demoed or sold. "

Three New Witness Games |
Deep Print Games has announced three new games based on the deduction game Witness. "Fight crime together! Whisper to your team to share your clues and gather all the information. Then, cleverly combine them and draw the correct conclusions in this thrilling adventure composed of 8 individual cases woven into an overarching story."

Favorite Games Roundup
Board Game Gumbo has done a roundup of their favorite games from last year. "Each year, I give my favorite game of the year, plus recommend four or five others that you should check out if you have similar gaming tastes as me."

Skull (Zatu Games): “Skull is a lot of people’s top choice to play with friends at parties or at the pub.”

Things in Rings (Geeks Under Grace): “In the upper echelon of party games. It is a clever design that offers lots of replay value, and it expertly employs a mechanism that is sorely underused. Recommended.”

Deep Regrets (One Board Family) “Deep Regrets gave us a unique theme, fun gameplay, and something that was creepy in all the right ways.”

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