July 2024 | Casual Game Revolution

July 2024

The Op has released a new party game, a roll-and-write game in the Parks line has been announced, and Zombie Burrito is coming soon.

Which is more ick: someone trying and failing to start a conga line, running for a train that’s not actually going anywhere, or someone who calls himself a foodie?

This month on Kickstarter: prepare to sally forth on an adventure by collecting gear and improving your strengths...or perhaps you’d rather stay home and make the ultimate mix tape?

With the biggest board gaming convention in North America on the horizon, the compounded hype of the event takes over the entirety of the hobby. Here is what we have played already and are excited about!

Combine numbers or colors to clear out the pyramid of cards. Match both features to create a powerful ultimatch and be richly rewarded!

Exploding Kittens has announced a sword hitting based game, The Op has released a new party game, and Board Game Geek has launched their annual SPIEL Essen games list.

Based on a classic Russian card game, a game of Blaze is played in two rounds. During the first, players try to optimize their hands and during the second, they race to get rid of all their cards.

Gamewright has announced a new game, The Op has released a movement-based party game, and Board Game Geek has launched their annual Gen Con games preview.

How many synonyms can you think of for the word ‘crown’? Only four will score you a point, but maybe you want to take a risk and try to name an antonym instead.