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Reviews of casual board games.

Play as a mighty samurai warrior, in a duel to the death that will pit two to eight players against one another in this fast paced card game.

The most nefarious supervillain has been captured by those pestilential heroes, and it’s your job to mount a rescue. Fight your way through guards and heroes in order to save your supervillain friend.

One lone cadet survives on a space station. Mission Control is the only hope for escape, but communication is malfunctioning. Will the cadet be able to decipher what Mission Control is saying?

Players are artists trying to capture the loveliest painting of the emperor by staying close on his heels. Jockey with your fellow artists for a prime position, but don’t bump into the emperor as he takes his walk.

Yellow, round, eat, and circle? Banana! Science, object, see, through, and sky? Telescope! Word Slam has two teams racing against each other to guess the right answer word.

Currently on Kickstarter, Bilder has you drawing cards, choosing from one of two options, and building what you chose. But it’s not always so easy, as your building skills will be put to the test with challenges and restrictions.

Can you be a shifty eyed spy and complete missions with something as simple as a wink? Shifty Eyed Spies is all about sending secret signals to fellow players while keeping an eye on everyone else to make sure they’re not doing exactly the same thing!

What do you get if you mix cards, throw in a dash of colorful artwork, a pinch of drafting, and top it off with an enticing blue ribbon? Carroll County Cake Swap!

Can you place your piece on a spinning platform? How about stacking on a second piece while only holding it with a pair of chopsticks?

The Game of Trains is all about lining up your train cards in the proper order. But your opponents might put a spoke in your wheel with a well-timed card ability.