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CGI#17: Valeria, Storytelling, Gen Con, and Watch It Played

Daily Magic’s Valeria: Card Kingdoms is designed to reward players as much as possible.

Plus: highlights from Gen Con 2016, 10 steps to bring your game to market (part 1), how storytelling has driven the resurgence of board gaming, an inside look at the Watch It Played! YouTube channel, and the origins of the hit game SET.

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Fall 2016
Naomi Laeuchli, Matt Thrower, Dann Albright, Steve Shields, Jesse Tannous, Elizabeth Mackness
Eden Hansen
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Nice articles.
Travis P.
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Interesting ideas, but having curved pages on the preview looks ridiculous.

Always interested in the Gen Con recaps!

Candy Weber
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Nice article about Valeria.

Jim Curnalia
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My first issue, but I love the variety of games that are covered.


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Great issue! Thank you so much for the great GenCon summary.

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Watch it played is such a valuable resource. 

Michael B
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Attending GenCon is on my bucket list but this issue is next best thing.  I definitely will be asking Santa Claus for a subscription!

Bill Martin
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Gen con article!  Awesome!

Tim Buckley
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Watch It Played! Is my favorite channel on boardgaming!  And looking forward to making it to Gencon someday!  

Josh Willhite
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Nice article on publishing your own game, something I think all gamers should do. I've published 5, haven't sold a single copy, but they were fun experiments in creativity.

Travis Blanchard
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Great magazine, I wish there were more devoted to board gaming!

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I need this in my life

Craig Moore
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Really enjoyed the "how to publish your game" article, but wish it had more depth. Instead of a How-To it was more of a "mindset generator" that just broke down the conventional ideas of how to publish your game. There was some good content about the process of developing your game, though.

D.J. Chagnon
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My first issue received - nice to see the variety of articles.

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First time I have seen this magazine.  Enjoying looking through it so far.

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Great magazine.  Excited for new issues

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Great Issue!

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Informative articles, enjoyed reading. Was wondering if only games from sponsors are included. Did not see anything other than how-to-play information and positive comments. If that is the purpose of the magazine (instead of independent reviews that could possibly include negative comments), that's fine, but maybe make that more clear.

Aaron Silverman
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Not bad.

Josh K
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First time reader of this, great content! Thanks!

Mark Marine
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Good articles !

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Member Since: 07/15/2013

Valeria rocks!!!!

Joe Cooper
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Dig the Gen Con recap
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loved the set article

Aaron Boerner
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Very cool issue, I can't wait to get mine in the mail!

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Got the year subscription on Kickstarter and am really enjoying it

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It seems a nice issue to me, with interesting information about games. with some games that are new to me.

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Site Admin
Member Since: 04/27/2012

Lisa, thanks for the feedback! Our reviews are independent and sometimes do contain negative comments (though we don't have a lot of space to elaborate). By making the cut for review, we already think very highly of a game. The majority of games we evaluate don't get reviewed.

To clarify, half of the games reviewed in this issue are not from current sponsors: Codenames, Feed the Shoggoth, and Sheriff of Nottingham.

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I liked the article about game publishing. I hope we see more of this sort of article.

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Great first issue!

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This looks really cool! Glad it's getting published, and can't wait to see what comes in the future
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Cool stuff!

Sara R
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Great articles.  Might have to consider this for my husband!

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Really enjoying the issue so far.
Marvin Knighton, Jr.
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I plan to be at next year's event as I haven't gone for a few years and it will be the 50th anniversary for GenCon.

D Web
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Love Dan's article regarding story's in games. One reason a lot of people play tabletop games.

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This is the first issue I have ever seen. Great work. I look forward to the the next.

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Got this through a special promotion, but liking what I'm reading so far!

Craig R
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Always great to find more boardgame media outlets

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Just got my e-copy a couple days ago!  Looking forward to reading the GenCon article! 

John Stout
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Can't wait to read this month's I just downloaded it.

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Downloaded and ready to read tonight!

Don Bowman
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I really do love this magazine.  Every time I read it I get a bad case of Acquisition Disorder!

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I'm going to have to check this out!
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Looks great!

Andre Costa
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Lve reading this as  a centralized board game news spot!

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I always love good story telling.

You do great work.  I hope more folks find this gem of a magazine.

Erik I.
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Recently received my Kindle copy. Looking forward to reading the article on one of my favorite YouTube channels - Watch It Played!