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Super Mega Lucky Box

Super Mega Lucky Box
Game Description: 

Super Mega Lucky Box is a "flip and write" game where each player fills in spaces on individual cards using a dry erase marker. Each player begins the game with 3 scoring cards and obtains more throughout the course of the game. During each round, 9 number cards are flipped from a face-down deck and each player simultaneously crosses out a large number matching the flipped card on one of their scoring cards (sort of like BINGO). When you complete a row or column on your scoring card, you earn a bonus. Bonuses include numbers, question marks, lightning bolts, stars, and moons — these bonuses allow you to either fill in an additional space on one of your cards, earn bonus points at the end of the game, or adjust the value of the numbers drawn. Clever players will strategize to combo multiple bonuses back-to-back — which is where the fun of the game truly lies.

What we love about this game: This is a fantastic roll-and-write-style game that is very accessible, yet offers a good level of light strategy. Filling in individual cards, as opposed to a giant scoresheet, is a fun way to offer bite-sized rewards along the way while also providing variation from game to game. Plus, the ability to create combos that feed off of each other is very rewarding and fun.

CGR Rating: 
Number of Players: 
1 to 6
Playing Time: 
20 minutes
Year Published: