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Board Game

A game that primarily uses a board or board-like components (such as tiles) as the basis for gameplay.

In this cooperative puzzle game, there are ten mini-games inside. Can players deduce how to play each game using only a title and the components to work with?

Defuse a tricky trap in this real-time cooperative game where speed isn’t always your friend. Play cards to flip sand timers and move them along the track, but be careful not to flp them too early or they'll run out.

In this abstract strategy game for two, you'll outmaneuver your opponent with delicious donuts! Place your donuts on the board, but be strategic — each placement dictates where your opponent can put theirs. To win, be the first to get five donuts in a row or have the largest contiguous area after all donuts have been played.

Build a dino park one dinosaur meeple at a time, carefully choosing which pens to place them in while dealing with a random restriction each turn and passing the dinosaurs you didn't choose to the player on your left.

Run a bus around New York or London, picking up passengers, avoiding traffic, and stopping at sights around the city in this flip-and-write board game.

This two-player abstract strategy game is intricate and challenging, as players attempt to make groups of matching-colored tokens on the board, with groups established later in the game scoring more points.

Can you escape the evil genius’s lab and warn the world to save the day, in this real-time cooperative puzzle game?

Hit the road in Tokaido Duo, a relaxing race across an enchanting countryside — for two! Think of it as a scenic stroll with your best bud, but instead of arguing over directions, you'll be collecting souvenirs, indulging in delicious meals, and enjoying breathtaking views — all while secretly trying to win. This light-hearted competition will have you strategizing like a sly fox, but don't worry, there's enough beauty and charm to share for everyone.

Vivarium is a set-collection game, with easy-to-learn mechanics and fun choices to make each turn, about exploring a recently discovered cavern and identifying new species of creatures to complete contracts and further science. 

Manipulate towers to capture your opponents and fill potions, as you race through the moving towers to reach Ravenskeep properly prepared.