CGI#12: Nautilus Industries, Game Manufacturing, Mechanics, and Crowdfunding

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Lamp Light's Nautilus Industries takes players deep under the sea for an extraordinary gaming adventure.

Plus: how tabletop games are manufactured, understanding game mechanics, the basics of board game crowdfunding, and the metamorphosis of Blue Orange Games.

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Summer 2015
Chris James, Kim Drayer, Kelly Graham, Skyler Nichol, Geoffrey Briggs, Brandan Parsons

I read through some of this issues PDF, I really liked Skyler's article on mechanics. Definitely gave me things to think about.

Can't wait until this shows up in my mailbox!

As usual the magazine looks excellent!

Erik W
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I really loved the article on game manufacturing. Having put together a few Print and Plays it was really interesting to hear how they do things. 

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Another great job folks, keep up the good work!
Gregory Frank
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I like the new issue, the digital board game article was very interesting.

Helen Adams
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I love the feature on game production.  Getting an inside look is really fun!

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It just gets better every year!

Heidi Ingalls
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I thought it was really interesting to read about the mechanics of a game, as well as how games are manufactured.

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I love that there are so many reviews, and a lot of articles related to game development / publishing.
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Great job! I like that there are so many industry related articles. Thank you.
Sarah Kehrer
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Love your magazine!  Keep up the great work guys!  I found the article on Blue Orange Game interesting, we own a lot of their children's games.

Manuel Sousa
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Looks really good! Good luck on the final ks days of your project.