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CGI#34: Holi: Festival of Colors, Licensed Games, SPIEL Digital, and Bezier Games

In Julio E. Nazario's Holi: Festival of Colors, published by Floodgate Games, spread color and joy in a multi-tiered board game representing one of India’s most vibrant festivals.

Plus: the best new games from SPIEL Digital 2020, games to avoid for Valentine's Day, licensed games that aren't just cash grabs, a retailer's perspective of discovering solo play during COVID-19, how Ted Alspach of Bezier Games went from Adobe software genius to full-time board game publisher, and a FREE print-and-play game: Turbo Drift (2 player sample edition) by Button Shy Games.

This issue also features reviews of Sonora, The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine, Last Second Quest, School of Sorcery, Cloud City, Break the Code, Aqualin, and a special review of Calico by Major Fun.

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Winter 2021
Justin Spicer, Bayard Catron, Dann Albright, Kevin Hadley, Jesse Tannous, Naomi Laeuchli, Stephen Conway
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Thanks for the review on Last Second Quest

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thank you for the chance to win

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Thank you!

Rhonda Martin
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Lots of great information on new and old games. I like that they offer it in print.

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Came for the contest. Stayed for the 'zine!

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Love this.

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"Licesned Board games that are not just cash grabs":  I like this article.

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Thanks! Fingers crossed!
Erik I
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These magazines are always full of great articles and awesome games. This issue is no exception. Kevin Hadley's article on solo gaming is so representative of the community during a time of quarantines.

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Holi looks fun

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A great magazine for all things gaming.
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Thanks for a great contest

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Holi is a great game.