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CGI#47: Mycelia, Game Tables, Single-Player Games, and 25th Century Games

Game designer Daniel Greiner shares his experiences designing Mycelia, an enchanting deck-building game about magical mushrooms published by Ravensburger.

Plus: the evolution and appeal of single-player games, achieving 'flow' in board gaming, The Spiel Foundation and the positive power of play, navigating the world of board game tables, how 25th Century Games shoots for the stars, and a FREE print-and-play game: What's Kraken? by Natalie Montoya. Our readers also discuss which games have the best components.

This issue features reviews of DragonkeepersTokaido Duo14 Frantic MinutesForest ShuffleGet on BoardPatterns, Turbo Kidz, and a guest review of The Finest Fish by Major Fun.

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Spring 2024
Andrew Lupp, Bayard Catron, Sarah T. Moore, Natalie Rodriguez, Justin Spicer, Stephen Conway
Rob F.
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Looks like another great issue!

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Love the article on solo play; been really starting to get into doing more of those recently, especially in a long play format, where I can take my time between each turn/round

Greg L
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Another great issue. And fund to always have a free print and play game

Nathan Ware
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That cover art is very nice!

Dan In Idaho
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Enjoyed the solo gaming article!

Mark P
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Forest Shuffle is definitely a game to check out in this issue.

Elijah Johnson
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I'd love to try Mycelia!!
Josh Willhite
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It's somewhat suprising how popular solo gaming has become. Time for spring-themed games!

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As always, looks like another issue covering relevant gaming topics.

Kris Kaminski
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another one chock full of info, thanks!

Dave R
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As aslawys, another great production!

Eric P
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Looking forward to reading the Tokaido Duo review.

Edward Petersen
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Looking forward to this month's issue!
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I can't wait to read the new issue!

Sara Alvaro
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Mycelia really looks fascinating.

Peter Papadopoulos
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Great issue as always.


Eli Livingo
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Nice addition to the games. 

Cheryl Lechnowsky
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Mycelia looks adorable!
Leon Loo
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Good coverage


Jeff Y
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Really love all the articles and pictures that a make perusing the magazine exciting.  

Kathy Cozzarelli
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The article on game tables looks informative.

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I enjoy getting this. 

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Super excited!

Mike McOmber
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Thanks for another great contest!

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Member Since: 08/28/2022

I wasn't that interested in Mycelia before but it looks like it could be fun.

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Just recieved my copy in the mail and can't wait to break it open!

Bruce Kaplan
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The Mycelia game looks like a lot of fun.