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CGI#48: Rebel Princess, Game Thrifting, Game Libraries, and Summer Games

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Rebel Princess gets a deluxe makeover from Bezier Games that features new ways to outwit suitors, smoother rules, and a swanky component upgrade.

Plus: the hobby of game thrifting that is a game in and of itself, philosophies of game design from several prolific designers, new games that bring the heat this summer, board game libraries and tips for starting your own, content creators who have found a unique board gaming niche, and a FREE print-and-play game: Hickory Dickory Dock by Mike Heiman. Our readers also discuss the games they have introduced to the most people.

This issue features reviews of Sky Team, Vampire Village, Unboxed, Xylotar, Quicksand, Donuts, Piles! and a guest review of Butts on Things by Major Fun.

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Summer 2024
AnnaMaria Jackson-Phelps, Bayard Catron, Andrew Lupp, Natalie Rodriguez, Justin Spicer, Stephen Conway
Kris Kaminski
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always filled with great info!

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Thoroughly enjoyed this issue

Dave R
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Great quality magazine!

Ryan Picklesimer
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I'll have to check out Sky Team!

Kelly VanAuken
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Looks great.

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Just got my issue!!! 

Josh Willhite
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I was not aware of Rebel Princess, I'll have to look more into it!

Clinton Richmond
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I always look forward to a new print copy in the mail!

Love it - every time!

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Can't wait to start reading!

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Heck yeah, xylotar!

Rob F.
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Enjoyed the Sky Team review!

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Great magazine with lots of good info and articles for all sorts of games.

Ryan L.
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Looks like a good issue. Love me some Bezier games.
Kelsey Keeney
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I love these! I love reading about the new games coming out
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Member Since: 06/29/2024

As a hobbist game designer and collector, I especially loved the articles "For the Love of the Game" and "Checking Out the Fun."

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I love PnP games...I am going to check out Hickory Dickory Dock.

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Been asking for a subscription as a Christmas present.. I think my wife thinks I will buy more games if I get it...

Robert Hughes
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Wow, lots of goodness in this issue! I'm excited for Rebel Princess and I am a huge thrifter, so both of those artilces were really fun to read! 

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those games look fun.  also i feel a bit silly, but could not find secret code in email.

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Love this magazine! Renewed on ks already!

Kevin Greaves
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Always love to read the new issue.
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Can't go wrong with a magazine that has reviews about vampires, donuts and butts in the same issue!

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Looks great, hopefully they'll be another subscription giveaway.

Cassie G.
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Awesome sauce!

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I'm looking forward to getting this issue in hand :)