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Plaid Hat Games

USAopoly has announced Dungeon Academy, the Pop-Up Gen Con initiative has been announced, and Plaid Hat Games has a new card game in the works.

CGE has announced a new cooperative word game, CMON and Asmodee have announced a distribution deal, and Plaid Hat Games will be releasing Quirky Circuits.

Floodgate Games has announced three new expansions for Sagrada, Z-Man Games has a new card game for pre-order, and Mice and Mystics may be getting a film adaptation.

Lots of new games have been announced this week, Z-Man Games has announced a preview of what they have at this year’s Gen Con, and check out a list of good two player games.

Looney Labs has released Batman Fluxx, GeekDad recaps Gen Con, and the Geekie Awards nominees have been announced.