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Plaid Hat Games

IELLO has announced a new party game, Fantasy Flight has a new Game of Thrones card game coming soon, and Fog of Love has found a new home with Floodgate Games.

WizKids has announced a new pinball roll-and-write, IELLO has released King of Tokyo: Dark Edition early, and several companies are releasing free game content.

Guide cute critters across multiple modes in this action programming gem from designer Nikki Valens.

USAopoly has announced Dungeon Academy, the Pop-Up Gen Con initiative has been announced, and Plaid Hat Games has a new card game in the works.

CGE has announced a new cooperative word game, CMON and Asmodee have announced a distribution deal, and Plaid Hat Games will be releasing Quirky Circuits.

Floodgate Games has announced three new expansions for Sagrada, Z-Man Games has a new card game for pre-order, and Mice and Mystics may be getting a film adaptation.

Lots of new games have been announced this week, Z-Man Games has announced a preview of what they have at this year’s Gen Con, and check out a list of good two player games.

Looney Labs has released Batman Fluxx, GeekDad recaps Gen Con, and the Geekie Awards nominees have been announced.