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May 2018

Bézier Games has announced One Week Ultimate Werewolf, Z-Man Games has bought Love Letter, and Passport Game Studios has announced a new dice game.


What happens to an adventuring hero’s loot and equipment when he dies? It goes up for auction of course, for aspiring heroes to bid on.

For fans of tricky decisions and strategic choices, this month Kickstarter offers some unique selections, from Envyra, a simultaneous action strategy game, to the tactical combat of Last One Standing’s battle royale gameplay.


An expansion to Sagrada will be released later this year, Renegade Game Studios has a new game out, and Grey Fox Games has announced a new imprint.

Relive the legend of Jack and the Beanstalk in this clever two-player game about stealing treasure from a fearsome giant. Will Jack climb the beanstalk three times and live to tell the tale? Or will the giant have him for supper?