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Wits and Wagers Party Giveaway

Wits and Wagers Party

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To celebrate our new forums, we are giving away a brand new copy of Wits and Wagers Party! There are many ways to gain entries, including posting new forum topics and commenting on existing ones – which can be done daily to increase your chances of winning by a longshot! Help us start some great discussions and you could win yourself a new game (and a fun one, at that).

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Katie K
Katie K's picture

This game looks like great fun for the whole family.  Love the idea of bringing back weekly or evne monthly game nights for the family (and even for friends!)

Christy Denton
Katie K's picture

This game looks like it would be awesome for my next party!

Phineas Beard
Katie K's picture

I've been hoping to try this game out, given all the great reviews I've heard.  Maybe I'll be able to!

Rebecca Lock
Katie K's picture

The game looks like one my teenaged sons and their friends would like.

Katie K's picture

This looks like a fun party game.

Chris Cormier
Katie K's picture

I will have to check this one out. Our family is new to Wits and Wagers and we LOVE it!