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This month on Kickstarter there’s cooperative deduction, games that originated in Japan, a dexterity game, as well as a small-sized solo card game, a spooky game for Halloween, and one that is sure to leave you hungry for dim sum.

This town ain’t big enough for the two (or eight) of you! Not when it comes to competing for the coveted title of the most wanted outlaw in the west.

Blurble is a party game in which a card is flipped and players race to come up with a word that starts with the same letter as the item shown on that card.

Which movie prop would be the coolest to own? What would be the worst idea for a themed wedding? Everyone has an answer. But who has the best answer?

Hungry monsters are stealing all the donuts! Find the culprits and reclaim the tasty sweets!

Monster Match is a super fast-playing game of speed and observation in which you try to match monsters to dice roll results.

Swing, bump, and spin in your quest to be one groovy funky chicken! Funky Chicken certainly features some clever packaging, putting its deck of cards inside a cloth chicken bag that looks pretty groovy. But does it play as fun as it looks?

Originally released as Capital two years ago in Europe, North Star Games brings the renamed Warsaw: City of Ruins to North American shores.

How do you say "Dude"? Is it like "dooode" or more like "dewd"? Maybe it just depends on the context. This new icebreaker party game series from North Star Games explores the many bodacious ways to express this word.

Four new werewolf-themed games from Bezier Games make 2018 the Year of the Werewolf! Plus: the best cooperative and semi-cooperative games, accessibility for color blind players, the art of winning (and losing), board gaming on a budget, and riding out the storm with North Star Games.

IELLO has announced a new game, North Star Games has a new party game in the works, and Game of Thrones is set to meet Catan.