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A Rapid Review of Fill the Barn

Fill the Barn
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Fill the Barn is a farming game by a newcomer to the industry, HoopCAT Games. Players attempt to earn the most money by planting and harvesting different crops that are stacked inside the barn. Space is limited, however, and the earlier the harvest, the more money will be earned.

In addition to the basic tasks of planting and harvesting, there are plenty of twists to keep players on their toes. Droughts and bugs can wipe out crops before they are harvested, mice can destroy crops after they are harvested, and junk can take up space in the barn to prevent harvesting altogether. These plagues can be deterred, however, with some good luck and careful planning. For instance, crops can be irrigated to prevent drought and insured against unexpected loss.

Fill the Barn was a pleasant surprise for us. It is a fast-paced game with plenty of backstabbing, risk-taking, and financial trade-offs. While it is relatively high on luck, there are still many interesting choices to be made, and there is even some suspense as the barn fills up.