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News Flash: Hot Tin Roof, Mensa Mind Games Awards

Hot Tin Roof

  • Mayfair Games' new game Hot Tin Roof is available for pre-order. Players collect tribute of fish and compete to become the top cat on the hot tin roof.
  • Winners have been announced for the 2014 Mensa Mind Games awards. Check out the winners here.
  • Zombies Keep Out is now available from Privateer Press. In this cooperative game, players take on the roles of goblins, trying to keep zombies out of their workshops, while building varies contraptions to help.
  • The Street Fighter Deck-building Game from Cryptozoic was released this week.
  • Wiggity Bang!'s print-and-play of Alpha Bandits was released this week.
  • The Library of Congress has written a fun article, looking back at some very old board games.
  • New reviews this week of Seasons: Path of Destiny (iSlaytheDragon), Cops ‘n’ Robbers (Troll in the Corner), and Jungle Speed Safari (Shut Up and Sit Down).
  • Purple Pawn takes a look at some of the games presented at PAX East 2014.
  • Initiative: Tabletop has published a post titled: Gaming Investments: How Much Is Too Much To Pay?
  • Shut Up & Sit Down has made a video, giving tips on the best ways to explain game rules.