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News Flash: Rolling America Announced, Cryptozoic Releases Spyfall

Rolling America

  • Gamewright has announced Rolling America, a dice rolling game in which players try to fill in a map of America with numbers rolled with dice while ensuring that the numbers on neighboring states don't differ by more than one. The game will be released this fall.
  • Cryptozoic Entertainment released Spyfall last week, a game of deduction in which one player is a spy trying to blend in with their opponents while attempting to figure out what location they are in, as determined by the secret location cards.
  • Alderac Entertainment Group has announced a new dice-based game, Dice City, in which players use dice to build a new capital city and manage resources. It should hit stores in October.
  • New reviews this week of Resurrection Men (Indie Tabletop), Battle Sheep (GeekDad), and Wink (The Opinionated Gamers).
  • The Federal Trade Commission has decided against Erik Chevalier in the first case involving a crowdfunding campaign to be brought before the FTC. The campaign was for a game titled The Doom That Came to Atlantic City which received pledges of over one hundred thousand dollars. Backers were eventually informed that the game had been cancelled and there was evidence that the funds had been misappropriated. Eventually the game was picked up by Cryptozoic Entertainment (without any involvement from Chevalier) and backers were provided with copies of the game.
  • On a more fun note: someone shared a picture of a bookshelf at Google and it displays more than a few board games.
  • Gamelyn Games has released Tiny Epic Kingdoms: Heroes' Call as a free print and play.
  • BoardGameGeek has released a short Q and A with Asmodee about their planned Splendor iOS game.