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News Flash: Star Trek Panic, …and then we held hands

Star Trek Panic

  • Fireside Games has announced two new releases for later this year. Dastardly Dirigibles is due in July and revolves around building airships whilein May Star Trek Panic will be released. This will be the newest game in the company’s Panic line and will be released in partnership with USAopoly.
  • Passport Game’s unique co-operative game …and then we held hands is now available in stores.
  • A game of Diplomacy that has been running since 2012, finally ended this week in a draw. You can read more about this longest-running recorded Diplomacy game here.
  • New reviews this week of Wok on Fire (Theology of Games), Snitch (Across the Board Games), and Strike (Major Fun).
  • Boing Boing has written a short piece about the Junior Game Inventors Kit, which includes a bunch of components to help you start building your own board game.
  • Geek and Sundry recommends some two player games.
  • Discovery has compiled an interesting list of ten facts you didn't know about popular board games.
  • Stronghold Games and eggertspiele have announced that they've entered a partnership in which Stronghold Games will co-publisher all of eggertspiele's future English releases.