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News Flash: Tsuro Released on iOS, New Games Announced

Tsuro app iOS

  • The digital version of Tsuro, designed by Thunderbox Entertainment, has officially hit the iOS app store. You can find it here. (I can vouch for it being a lot of fun to play.)
  • Gamewright’s Forbidden Desert has also been released onto the app store this week.
  • IELLO has announced a special offer if you pre-order their upcoming game Happy Pigs. If you order before the 19th, you will receive a set of penguin tiles, so that one farmer in your game can choose to be a rebel and raise penguins rather than pigs. The game is expected be released March 17.
  • Z-Man Games has announced Thunder and Lightning, a new two player game set in the world of Norse mythology that blends cards and bluffing.
  • Funny Bone Products has announced four new games that will be getting a release this year. You can read descriptions of them here.
  • New reviews this week of The Builders: Antiquity (Meeple Town), Friday (Boards and the Bees), and Monster My Neighbor (iSlaytheDragon).
  • A.V. Club has some romance-themed board game suggestions for this Valentine's Day.
  • Tech Times suggests four games for people who don't normally play board games.
  • Clever Move Games has written an article on board game rules and how they seem to be written backwards.