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News Flash: New Harry Potter Deck-builder and Tiny Epic Tactics Announced

Harry Potter Defense Against the Dark Arts

Harry Potter Defense Against the Dark Arts Announced
USAopoly has announced a new Harry Potter themed two player competitive deck-building game. "In this fast-paced game, players must learn offensive and defensive magic skills to protect themselves and stun their opponent. Harry Potter Defense Against the Dark Arts will be available this summer."

Gamelyn Announces Next Tiny Epic Game
Tiny Epic Tactics will be coming to Kickstarter next week. "Tiny Epic Tactics utilizes a simple combat system with variable player powers and 3D terrain to achieve endless layers of strategy and fun. Tiny Epic Tactics offers competitive play, cooperative play and solo play!"

Looney Labs Partners With Cardinal Industries
The two companies are partnering to release Marvel Fluxx and Jumaniji Fluxx, both of which are expected to be released this summer. "Looney Labs will sell a specialty edition with 7 bonus cards not found in Cardinal's mass market edition. Both versions will display a premium poker chip style collectible turn token in a clear window on the front of the package!"

Bezier Games Announces CABO
Bezier Games is releasing a brand new edition of the 2010 card game for two to four players. "Spy, swap, and peek to find CABO the unicorn in this fun, addictive, and simple card game. The player with the lowest total wins; can you shed your cards quicker than your opponents? This 2nd Edition of CABO features modified rules, a scorepad, four player reference cards, and all new artwork."

Darwinauts Coming Soon From Green Couch
Green Couch Games has announced a new tile-laying, worker placement game that will launched on Kickstarter this spring and is expected to be released in the fall. "During the course of the game, a player takes 2 actions on their turn, selecting from 5 possible actions; place an explorer, place a tile, replenish tiles and remove explorers, discover a species, and record a species. Whenever recording a species, a player immediately takes one of 5 possible bonus actions that allow the player to set themselves up for future turns or alter the landscape. Players continue to take turns until The Rift Tile is revealed, making the portal to the new world unstable. Once The Rift begins, players add an additional phase to their turns, taking part in dismantling the landscape they have opened up for exploration."

The Stars Align (What’s Eric Playing): “If you’re looking for a quick, spatial abstract and you want to catch some shooting stars, The Stars Align is not a bad choice!”

Pictomania (iSlaytheDragon): “A unique and wild party/social activity that alleviates the fears of those who can’t draw about participating in this genre of games. Since speed is just as much a priority, let’s just say that the art isn’t always worthy of the masters.”

The River (The Board Game Family): “All in all it’s a fun game that provides a good sense of accomplishment at the end of the game whether or not we win.”