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News Flash: Adventure Games Series, Ticket to Ride Japan

Adventure Games: The Dungeon

Adventure Games Series Released
Thames & Kosmos has announced the release of a new game series titled Adventure Games. "In each Adventure Games title, players take part in a story that unfolds over three chapters. Working together, they explore places and objects to navigate through the story and determine how it ends. Similar to a PC adventure game, these innovative storytelling games are exciting to the end!"

Ticket to Ride – Japan
Days of Wonder has announced a new expansion to Ticket to Ride. "Zoom across Japan in a bullet train admiring Mount Fuji through the mist or take the Tokyo subway to your final destination. Or if you prefer early 20th century steam engine trains, ride through the Italian countryside, enjoy the alpenglow on majestic peaks and sunsets behind cypress hedges in glorious Tuscan landscapes."

Coraline: Beware the Other Mother Announced
WizKids has announced a new card game based on the movie Coraline."Players become the Ghost Children who were taken prisoner by the Beldam (the Other Mother). They will try to free Coraline and her parents by acquiring various objects like the Skeleton Key and Snow Globe. It is a cooperative game so either all players win the game by freeing Coraline, or they can lose the game by allowing Bedlam to thwart their plans."

Hasbro Announces Ms. Monopoly
Hasbro has announced another new edition of Monopoly, this time featuring Mr. Monopoly's niece. "Instead of properties and real estate ventures, players can invest in female innovators and the groundbreaking inventions they created."

The Board Game Book Volume 2 Kickstarter
A campaign for the second volume of The Board Game Book has hit Kickstarter. "We're working on a brand new edition: another 256-page hardback packed with over 130,000 words of original games journalism. And this time we're covering the top hobby releases of 2019-2020."

Hadara Released
Z-Man Games has released light civilization building game Hadara. "You’ll develop your civilization over the course of three epochs, drafting cards, conquering colonies, and leaving your cultural mark on the world."

Fine Sand (Everything Board Games): “Plays in around 30 minutes. Turns go quick. Easy to learn and teach.”

Bubble Tea (One Board Family): “This is a great purchase for families with kids and is a great option for purchasing for a kids birthday.”

Passtally (Just Push Start): “Much more of a puzzle than a game, with players all working on the same puzzle against each other.”