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Come Up with Characters that Fit Ever-Growing Descriptions in Hello My Name Is Party Game

Hello My Name Is

Can you think of a person or character that is childlike, scary, and energetic? How about animated, rich, and glamorous?

Hello My Name Is is a new party game from Gamewright, in which people play descriptive cards each round, and the active player has to come up with a person to fit them!


At the start of the game, each player is given two clear tokens, and dealt three cards. Each card comes in one of four colors, and each has a descriptive word on it. Each round, everyone selects one of their cards and reveals them simultaneously. The cards are then grouped into matching colors (or added to groups already there), and the timer starts.

The active player now has thirty seconds to name a person or character who fits all the descriptive words in one of these groups. If you are successful, you take all the cards in that group and place it in your score pile; if you can’t, then you earn a clear token. After your turn, everyone draws a new card, and the player on your left becomes the active player.

You can use clear tokens on your turn to discard one or more cards from a color group, before you make your guess.  The first player to have fourteen cards in their score pile wins the game.

Hello My Name Is Components


Hello My Name Is is a simple party game, with a concept that’s extremely easy to teach, and components that come in a hand-sized box making it easy to pack. It has a flexible player count, and even suggests team play if you have more than six players.

There are a lot of cards and lots of descriptive words, so that you’ll come up with many different combinations each time you play the game. It doesn’t require all players to have the same knowledge base, and people can dive into their own interests to come up with people and characters to fit the words, while the clear tokes also ensure players don’t become totally stuck.

As rounds proceed and the color groups grow, players can be torn trying to come up with someone that fits the ever growing list of words. This gives non-active players something to do during the downtime, and also means you might be incentivized to play cards to make particular groups more difficult. Downtime is still a factor, however, as you wait for the opportunity to be the active player again.

Hello My Name Is plays fast and has an adjustable play time, as you can change the number of cards players are working towards. If you’re looking for a light, portable party game Hello My Name Is fits the bill. It’s fun to think up characters, often leading you to think outside of the box and get creative, and it’s quite satisfying when you come up with one for a large group of cards.

Pros: Portable, fun to think up people to fit the cards, does not require players to have a common knowledge base

Cons: Some downtime between turns

Disclosure: we received a complimentary review copy of this game.