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News Flash: Cutterland Announced, Succulent Pre-Order


Hobby World Announces Cutterland
Cutterland is a strategy game where players actually cut the cards to create new lands. "An innovative strategy board game where you get to cut the cards — literally cut them into pieces and compete on creating your own fabulous lands. You will divide the cards, distribute the pieces between the players, and score victory points for the creatures inhabiting your land."

Succulent Available for Pre-Order
Renegade Game Studios has made their upcoming tile-laying game Succulent, available for pre-order. It is expected to be released this May. "In Succulent, you compete against your peers for lucrative and prestigious projects that will cement your place as the community’s premier succulent gardener."

Epic Spell Wars: Become a Wizard Contest
Cryptozoic has announced a contest that will see the winner's likeness as a battle wizard appear in their upcoming Epic Spell Wars game. "You can enter the Contest by following or liking Cryptozoic on either Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Then, you must like the post from Cryptozoic that mentions this Contest on your chosen social media platform. Finally, comment on or reply to the post with the name and short description of yourself as a Battle Wizard. "

Top 10 Family Board Games
Rathskellers has posted a roundup of their ten favorite board games to play as a family. "T​o help you narrow down your choices for the next family game night, we’ve picked 10 options that will have you laughing, cooperating, and asking yourselves, “What on earth just happened???”"

New Dominion Expansion Announced
Rio Grande Games has announced the thirteenth expansion for deck-builder Dominion, titled Dominion: Menagerie. "Dominion, that’s what you’re trying to achieve. This time with animals! They each have a lesson to teach, whether it’s how to spit really far, or what kind of grass tastes the best."

Bosk (The Meeple Street): “While I really have enjoyed Bosk, I would not suggest it for everyone. It is a game with a lot of take that elements, and can be frustrating to new players.”

Hellapagos (There Will Be Games): “Hellapagos might not always give that “We did it!” satisfaction of conquering a co-op but the “I made it out alive!” moments are even more memorable.Source:

Tiny Towns (The Tabletop Family): “Tiny Towns makes a fantastic gateway game to introduce to folks new to the hobby. It’s that right amount of easy to learn/difficult to master that becomes addicting.”