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News Flash: Next Exit Game Announced, Blade Runner Game Coming Soon

Exit: The Stormy Flight

Exit: The Stormy Flight Announced
Thames & Kosmos has announced the next game in the Exit series. "You are crewmembers on a passenger plane bound for Barbados[...] Suddenly, an alarm light comes on … and another … and you have a queasy feeling that the rest of the flight might become the greatest adventure that you have ever experienced."

Blade Runner 2049: Nexus Protocol Announced
WizKids has announced a new social deduction, hidden identity game set in the world of Blade Runner. “In this hidden identity game, 3-6 players will take on the roles of Blade Runners, joining Deckard to hunt down a replicant that remains at large. The replicant could be any one of the players, or even Deckard himself!”

To All the Boys I've Loved Before Game
Hasbro Games has announced a new party game, themed around the Netflix original movie, To All the Boys I've Loved Before. "Throughout the game, secrets will be revealed and players will have to make humorous (but difficult) choices about other players to collect personality tokens."

Were Dice Fair Through History?
Science Alert has posted an interesting piece about researchers examining whether or not dice were always fairly balanced. "The game dice we use today are as fair as we can design them - but that wasn't always the case. And now researchers have analysed the history of dice to work out when things changed, and why people didn't care about these probabilities until a certain turning point in civilisation."

Valentine's Cards from Bezier Games
Bezier Games has released a series of Valentine's cards, all themed around their games. "Happy Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day, or Anti-Valentine's Day. Whichever reason you'd like to celebrate, or not to celebrate, we wanted to give you free Valentine's Cards! Simply right click to download, print & give to that special werewolf in your life!"

Formosa Flowers (What’s Eric Playing): “Overall, I like Formosa Flowers! I do have some issues with how much luck runs around in the game, but I think it compensates for that by being fairly generously short (and just a beautiful game, to boot).”

Queenz (iSlaytheDragon): “Queenz scratches a lot of similar itches to Azul, but it scratches them in a different way. I think it will be the ideal game for someone who likes the idea of Azul but not the meanness, or for players who like the drafting of Azul but want a more interesting puzzle to work on once they draft their tiles.”Source:

Reykholt (Board Game Squad): “I think this game would serve as an excellent entry-level worker placement game for new board gamers, as well as an entry point for other Uwe Rosenberg games.”