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News Flash: Smash Up Marvel, Origins Online Announced

Smash Up: Marvel

Smash Up: Marvel Announced
The Op (USAopoly) and AEG have announced the first game from their collaboration that was announced last year. "Smash Up: Marvel will allow seasoned players and newcomers of all ages to join the limitless clashing with comic mainstays, such as the vigilant members of The Ultimates and criminal masterminds HYDRA as two of eight factions leading the charge!"

Origins Online Announced
While Origins Game Fair has officially been rescheduled for October, Origins Online, a virtual convention, will be held this June. "Origins Online 2020 will be a fully virtual convention for tabletop gaming fans to enjoy from their devices and will feature an Exhibit Hall where attendees can demo and buy games and merchandise. In addition, the virtual convention will offer streaming workshops and educational seminars with guest authors, artists and game designers, plus hundreds of games online that attendees can sign up to participate in."

Wonderland Print and Play
Renegade Game Studios has released Wonderland (previously only available as an International Tabletop Day exclusive) as a free print and play. "Players play either Alice or the Red Queen, and take turns placing cards in a six-by-six grid to earn points in each of the rows and columns. Place your cards carefully to control areas of Wonderland while taking advantage of your magic items. Once all the cards have been placed, the magic items will modify the value of adjacent cards."

Playing Board Games Online
Dice Breaker has published an article with suggestions on how to best play board games over the internet with friends. "The best ways to play board games online with friends when you can’t be together in person, from voice chat to digital tabletops."

Birthday Games from Gamely Games
In some truly delightful news, Gamely Games has been running an initiative to send a birthday card and a free game to 100 children who have had their birthdays cancelled during the pandemic. "With your help we’ve managed to find 100 children who have had their birthdays cancelled. We will start sending out the free games and birthday cards tomorrow! We are closing entries for now but if we are still in lockdown in May we will look at giving more games away then. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for future announcements and thanks again!"

Free Chronicles of Crime Scenario
Lucky Duck Games has made another scenario free to play through May 3rd. "We've made the Chronicles of Crime "White Collar in Red" extra scenario FREE-TO-PLAY until May 3rd! Simply open the Chronicles of Crime app, head to "Extra Scenarios" and see if you can solve the case in time.”

Underrated Games
Board Game Quest has listed their favorite games that are still underrated. "Some games deserve more attention due to being great, or it might be incorrectly judged by the masses in our own estimation. With today’s Quest List, we offer our picks for the games we think are the most underrated."

Catch the Moon (Opinionated Gamers): “An enjoyable dexterity game that is very attractive.”

Throw Throw Burrito (Geek Mom): “This is a silly game with even sillier artwork that young families will love, as will groups of young people – I can see it being hugely popular at colleges.”

Abandon All Artichokes (Uproxx): “The game is extremely fast, with rounds moving quickly once everyone knows the rules. It’s also fairly easy to pick up, so even a bad or unlucky round is fast forgotten and.”