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News Flash: Shake That City Announced, Hickory Dickory Pre-Order

Shake That City

Shake That City Announced
AEG has announced Shake That City, set to hit Kickstarter later this year. "A family puzzly tile-laying game for 1-4 players, that plays under an hour! Players take the roles of city planners, challenged to design the best city block, using patterns from the new and exciting “Cube Shaker”."

Hickory Dickory Pre-Order
Plaid Hat's newest game is now up for pre-order. The game will be released in January. "A unique worker rotation game where players control a team of mice as they ride around the minute hand of a cuckoo clock, jumping off to perform actions and gather items for the eccentric Lord Cuckoo. Items delivered will earn the mice some juicy berries and when the clock strikes midnight, the player with the most berries wins the game!"

Halloween Game Sales
Both AEG and Renegade Game Studios are running game sales in their online stores through the end of the month. (For AEG the code SPOOKYSAVINGS is necessary.)
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Splitter Announced
Pandasaurus Games has announced that it will be releasing the roll-and-write game Splitter, on November 21. (Click here to read our review of the game.) "In each round, 2 dice are rolled. Then everyone has to write the results on their page trying their best to group the same numbers together. The twist? The numbers must be entered symmetrically to the center axis!"

Spooky Games for Halloween
Games Hub has posted up a list of game suggestions to play this Halloween. "Halloween is soon to be upon us – the hallowed eve when all things dark and spooky emerge from the woodwork. If you’re gearing up for a Halloween party, or just looking forward to a cobwebbed night in, board games are the perfect celebratory companion."

Loteria: Hello Kitty and Friends Released
The Op has released a new Hello Kitty themed card game. "An all-new, officially licensed version of the culturally rich card game with custom Sanrio words and art, now available from The Op Games and"

Marvel Remix (Gaming With Sidekicks): “Overall Marvel Remix has been a surprise hit for me and anyone I have introduced it to. Fantasy Realms, the game that it is based off of has always been a quick easy card game I have enjoyed and this one takes the best parts of that and adds in one of my favorite IPs.”

Dragon Market (Geek Daily): “A good game aimed right at its target audience’s age — young players and their parents and friends. The game is short enough that it could be played multiple times in a sitting by kids without too much attention fatigue.”

Wildstyle (Meeple Mountain): “Wildstyle scores major points as a game that works with my kids (at least, my eight-year-old) and with adult gamers.”