October 2022 | Casual Game Revolution

October 2022

Enter to win a brand new copy of boop. by Smirk & Laughter games, just in time for the holidays. You're welcome.

Choose your teammate and come up with devious signals to let each other know when you’ve got the crabs! But keep a sharp eye out on your opponents and try to intercept their signals to stop them from winning the game.

AEG has announced a new board game, Plaid Hat Games has a new game available for pre-order, and two companies are having Halloween game sales.

Halloween is a special time when even the most serious adults find glee in disguises, spooks, and tricks. But this time of year isn’t just for children and adults to dress themselves up and roam the neighborhood for some goodies.

Use your cards wisely or find yourself exploding along with an adorable kitten. Kittens are sweet, but not so much when they’re blowing you sky-high.

Here at Casual Game Revolution, we love a good success story. In this article, we interview a math teacher who took a simple party game idea into a professionally published game that is now available at Target.

The penguins are out on the ice and night is falling. Help them hop their way home from ice floe to ice floe.

Gamewright Games has released a new dexterity game, Big G Creative has released two new party games, and Cryptozoic Entertainment has announced Rotten Tomatoes: The Card Game.

This month on crowdfunding sites we have backstabbing pirates, evil scientists, and solo adventures that fit into your pocket — plus three new games from BoardGameTables.com, a domino-inspired abstract game, and a tile-layer over on Gamefound.

It’s time to build a ferocious mutant monster army and go to war against the babies. Fight them on the sea, fight them in the sky, and fight them on land! Never yield! Eat the most babies! And win the game!