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News Flash: Cooperative Carcassonne Announced, Castle Panic Second Edition Released

Mists Over Carcassonne

Mists Over Carcassonne Announced
Z-Man Games has announced the first cooperative version of Carcassonne. "Players take turns, adding a new land tile to the board each time. This creates an ever-enlarging game board onto which you place your meeples to score points. During the game, ghosts will keep appearing – your job is to pacify them. Together, you must reach the goal tile by scoring a pre-determined number of points. But watch out: If there are too many ghosts on the board, or you can’t draw land tiles anymore, then you have lost."

Castle Panic Second Edition Released
Fireside Games has released a brand new edition of Castle Panic, with all new artwork, and a new expansion to go along with it. "After years of work, we are super excited to launch Castle Panic Second Edition. With all new art, heavier card stock, and a custom die, this version looks better than ever. In addition, we are launching the newest expansion, Crowns and Quests. This expansion adds 12 playable characters with unique powers and 18 Quests that completely change how the game ends."

Mysterium Kids: Captain Echo’s Treasure Announced
Libellud has announced a new family-friendly version of the party game Mysterium, where clues are given with the use of a tambourine (yes, really!). "Mysterium Kids: Captain Echo's Tresor is a cooperative game specially designed for kids. It helps develop children's concentration and imagination. In turn, play as the ghost or as treasure seekers and try to find in team which illustrated card corresponds to the location of the treasure, all while guided by the tambourine's sounds only! "

Avatar The Last Airbender: Fire Nation Rising Released
The Op has released Avatar The Last Airbender: Fire Nation Rising, a cooperative game and the latest in their Rising line. "Featuring a wide variety of characters from the award-winning Nickelodeon series, this cooperative card and dice game relies on light strategy and luck to stop the Fire Nation and their leader, Lord Ozai, from reigning supreme."

The Hunger Expansion Out Now
Renegade Game Studios has released High Stakes, an expansion for The Hunger. "The Hunger: High Stakes expansion features exciting new twists for hungry vampires.  The Event Deck creates random starting options.  Vampires can now Attack allowing them to defeat new Threats, improve your Hunting abilities and attack other vampires."

New Tragedy Looper Announced
WizKids has announced Tragedy Looper: New Tragedies, a new standalone sequel to the one vs many, time-traveling mystery puzzle game. "Tragedy Looper: New Tragedies is both a new edition and a standalone sequel that brings that new content into English for the first time, collecting 13 scripts and 30 characters!  Featuring updated graphic design and the original art design, it’s perfect for people playing Tragedy Looper for the first time and for fans of the original looking for new stories to tell. "

Ice Hoppers (Board Game Gumbo): “The designer has a nice little concept that is perfect for families to enjoy. It looks like this game has a long way to geaux before it thaws and falls off of our hot shelf.”

Kingdomino (Board Game Review): “A fantastic entry level or gateway game. Easy to learn, lots to puzzle over and great at two to four players. Unless you are already accustomed to heavier modern board games, there aren’t many reasons why you wouldn’t enjoy a quick game of Kingdomino! It is one of my family favourites!”

Monolyth (Geeks Under Grace): “Monolyth borrows from a number of great games to create a solid experience. It's nothing revolutionary, but it is yet another strong offering from Phil Walker-Harding.”

Mists over Carcassonne was released in Europe all the way back in September. Z-Man Games waited to announce it when the shipping container arrived in North America, but they've been quietly selling it in the UK since October. The German publisher has been talking about it since April, and retailers have been able to preorder it since then. 

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