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Battle for Kin's Empire in Drachensachen the Card Game


Greetings and welcome to Drachensachen, the card game. Kin, the dragon, is being attacked by monsters who want to steal all his gold. To win Kin's favor and avoid losing gold coins, dispose of monster cards as quickly as possible. You must know when and how to play your cards best. This fierce competition has no room for teamwork. Challenge your wits and compete against your friends to win. Discover the land of Kin and defend the dragon's empire.

Drachensachen is a hand management card game that settles on basic take-that mechanics to keep players engaged throughout the game. Does it deliver a challenging and captivating experience you have yet to see in other games?

Drachensachen is meant for 2-6 players and is recommended for groups of 3-6 players of at least ten years of age. According to the box, the game should last thirty minutes to an hour, but I have experienced longer games.

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Like many hand management games, Drachensachen has a simple yet challenging goal: eliminate all your cards from your hands — monsters with an assigned value or dragons —- before the other players! Players must outbid each other by playing their cards on the discard pile. If one player does not have an equal or stronger card (in terms of value) than the player before, they must take the entire discard pile. Dragon cards grant the player special powers and can be used on top of other cards, following specific constraints. Cards numbered three to six are also Special Cards, each with its own power. The player who disposes of his monsters the fastest will make other players pay many gold coins. Ultimately, the player who loses the fewest gold coins will be declared victorious and gain Kin's favor as the horde protector.

In Kin's empire, hand management, strategy, and luck collide to create a fun-filled event. Every card you play affects your hand state and your opponents', so you must plan carefully.

Each player starts with a hand of eight cards and a Remainders zone with three cards face-down next to each other and three cards face-up on top. Each turn, players must examine their hands and remainders to act and overbid each other by playing a chosen monster or dragon card on the middle pile; if one doesn't have an equal or stronger card than the previous player, they must take the discard pile and move it to their hands. Whoever gets rid of all monsters first makes others pay as many gold coins as are displayed on their hand and remainder cards. Pay attention that cards facing down display one gold coin each; do not reveal these cards when counting coins at the end of a round. The game ends when a player has lost 21 coins. Whoever has the least amount of lost coins at the end wins.

Drachensachen cards


Drachensachen is yet another hand management card game that uses take-that mechanics for player interaction. There are plenty of games that use the same formula with minor variations. However, with joyful gameplay, Drachensachen delivers an experience that welcomes players to return for more.

In Drachensachen, every card you play affects your hand state and your opponents', so you must plan carefully to stay ahead of the game. The competition is fierce, and there is no room for teamwork, so players must rely on their individual skills to come out on top. With rounds that last from thirty minutes to an hour, the game is the perfect length for a fun-filled event.

While Drachensachen uses familiar mechanics found in other card games, it offers its own twist to the genre. The game delivers a pleasant experience with its special cards and dragon cards. The game's artwork is stunning, adding visual appeal to the game.

Drachensachen plays for 30 minutes to an hour, which can be overwhelming for simple card games. Rounds drag along with players repeating the same actions over and over again. The same cards may change hands but return to you several times. It is a Deja Vu experience of repeating past events in the same order and with the same cards with minor variations. What starts as a fun game can become tedious.

Luck can counteract player performance, and there is no guarantee that playing smart and planning means taking the lead. However, while luck plays a role in the game, players must use their skills and tactics to win. The game's competitive nature encourages players to interact with each other as they try to outbid each other and dispose of their cards as quickly as possible. Game setup and teardown are quick and straightforward, complexity is low, and downtime is fast. And while the game can become repetitive over time, it still offers an enjoyable experience perfect for a filler game on a game night.

There is a tendency for the gameplay to feel mechanical and could be improved by adding more variety. Due to the game's competitive nature, player interaction should be captivating. Take-that mechanics are used repeatedly, and Drachensachen offers little replayability due to a lack of mechanics variety.

Drachensachen's gameplay is meant for intense competition. The take-that mechanics should keep players engaged as they try to outbid each other and get rid of their cards before their opponents. Hand management is critical, but you must be lucky and have the right cards to turn the tide in your favor. The thrill of victory or defeat at the end of a round offers a welcome layer of excitement that makes Drachensachen enjoyable.

Consider your plans, examine your hand, and decide when to play your cards. It is essential to know which cards to keep and which to play to maximize winning chances. However, the game can become repetitive once you've mastered the fundamentals.

The artwork and design elements are outstanding and appealing regarding the game material involvement. Exploring the world of Drachensachen is an absolute delight. The card art features playful illustrations of different monsters, immersing you in fantasy and adding color and charm to the game.

Final Thoughts

If you are a first-time player, the lack of originality of Drachensachen may not be a big deal, and pairing the dragon and monster world theme with the high-quality, stunning artwork may appeal to you. It is carefully designed to achieve mass market appeal. In fact, it can be fun and entertaining for the right audience.

Drachensachen is pleasant and competitive for card game enthusiasts. However, it lacks deep strategy and can feel random. Featuring appealing artwork, basic mechanics, and an arbitrary yet manageable challenge, Drachensachen is suitable for kids, families, beginners, and groups of friends.

Pros: Game quality is exceptional, with stunning illustrations that will immerse you in the world of the dragon Kin. It may appeal to young audiences and beginners.

Cons: It can be long and repetitive. Adopts widely-used mechanics without adding anything novel to it.

Disclosure: we received a complimentary review copy of this game.

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