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Spring 2023 Game Giveaway: Disney Smash Up, San Francisco, Knot Dice, and Prospectica

Spring 2023 Giveaway

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To celebrate our Spring 2023 issue of Casual Game Insider, we are giving away four brand new games worth a total of over $120: Smash Up: Disney Edition, San Francisco, Knot Dice, and Prospectica.

  • Smash Up: Disney Edition (AEG, The Op) — Take the 20-card decks of two factions, shuffle them into a deck of forty cards, then compete to crush more bases than your opponents in this Disney fan-favorite edition of the hit game Smash Up.
  • San Francisco (Rebel Studio) — Design a beautiful city in 20th-century San Francisco in this game designed by Reiner Knizia, world-famous board game designer.
  • Knot Dice (Black Oak Games) — The 18 custom dice in Knot Dice have Celtic knots design elements on each side that can be connected to play various games and create a large number of designs.
  • Prospectica (Stolistic Games) — Mine asteroids in space in this 2-4 player card game. The first player to successfully find, seed, and mine three unique asteroids will become the ultimate space miner!

We would like to offer a special thanks to the publishers of these games for providing the prizes for this giveaway.

Enter below to win! (Note: our giveaways are only open to U.S. residents, age 18 or older. Why?)

Spring 2023 Game Giveaway

Wendy Toney
Wendy Toney's picture

I have never been out there and I would love to  see it all!

Eric P
Wendy Toney's picture

Always love a good giveaway, and who can't use more fun games to play?

Edward Petersen
Wendy Toney's picture

This is a good group of games!

TwinklesGirl's picture
Member Since: 05/11/2023

Fantastic game selection!

Such a diverse set of games. Knot Dice in particular looks really unique.
Wendy Toney's picture
Cassie Groark
Wendy Toney's picture

Thanks for the chance to win some awesome games!

Jonathan Bohlmann
Wendy Toney's picture

Looking forward to Disney smashup

Scott J
Wendy Toney's picture

Thank you for the chance to win this giveaway!

Wendy Toney's picture

Hope I win!

Fred Strauss
Wendy Toney's picture

Disney Smashup looks fun to add to my other cards!

Marty Harris
Wendy Toney's picture
This is fun
Wendy Toney's picture

Thank you!

Rob F.
Wendy Toney's picture

Thanks for the contest.

K. Ting
Wendy Toney's picture
I love Games
Jamie Martin
Wendy Toney's picture

Can't wait to try Smash Up!

Gary Sanderson
Wendy Toney's picture

Always enjoy learning about new games.