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News Flash: Line-It Released, Mensa Select Games

News Flash

Line-It Released
Gigamic has released a new, light card game, for 2-4 players. "An exciting, strategic card game where players build ascending or descending lines of numbered cards to score points."

Mensa Select Games Awards
The winners of this year's Mensa Select Award have been announced. "The Mensa Select seal indicates that a game is original in concept, challenging, and well-designed. Additionally, these games are a good value for the price, easy to comprehend and play, and, above all, fun!"

Tales of the Arabian Nights Sequel
Tales of the Arthurian Knights is a standalone sequel to the classic board game, Tales of the Arabian Nights. WizKids currently has the game available for pre-order and it is expected to be released near the end of the year. "As a Knight of the Round Table, you will meet legendary figures, encounter fabled creatures, battle mighty enemies, take on challenging quests, and discover wondrous places of power as you pursue your destiny in this vastly replayable game."

Railroad Tiles Announced
Horrible Guild has announced a new tile placement game as a sequel to their roll-and-write Railroad Ink. The game is expected to be on Kickstarter in the near future, with a release in 2025. "a quick-playing tile placement game in which you pick tiles and place routes to build an interconnected community."

Switchbacks Pre-Order
AllPlay has a new hiking-themed board game available for pre-order. "Players embark on an epic mountain-trekking expedition, blazing a trail through uncharted terrain. Your goal? Mark the path along the way and hike the most paths."

Pillage the Village Released
Stone Age Entertainment has released a new game in which players take on the roles of pillaging dragons trying to outwit their opponents. " Engage in heart-pounding simultaneous actions while trying to predict your rival dragons' moves."

Aqua (Geeks Under Grace): “At its core, Aqua is a simple tile drafting game, but a few wonky rules bog it down for me. I think some people will find it interesting, but for me, it's a game I'll probably only play once in a while.”

Skyrockets (Gaming With Sidekicks): “If you enjoy real-time, cooperative games that give everyone a chance to work together in a speedy setting this is a game for you. Although it is not my personal favorite type of style for games I can see where this one would be popular and for my friends that enjoy this type of gameplay they had a great time.”

Clever Cubed (GeekDaily): “I like this game. It’s fast, easy, and compact. It’s fun to play solo. The feeling you get from setting up a combo that stretches on to another and another. I’m keeping this in my collection.”

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