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CGI#30: Custom Loonacy, Pet Peeves, Dice & Meeples, and Pandasaurus Games

Personalize and print your own Custom Loonacy game with the help of Looney Labs and The Game Crafter.

Plus: six popular game designers share their board gaming pet peeves, a recap of Essen SPIEL 2019, the overlooked past of dice and meeples, the power of gaming at every age, how Pandasaurus Games rose to gigantic proportions, and a FREE game: Recon Mission by Stratus Games.

This issue also features reviews of Paranormal DetectivesMystic MarketDinosaur Tea PartyTrapper Keeper GameLetter JamDragonrealm, Curios, and a special review of Shōbu by Major Fun.

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Winter 2020
Dann Albright, Josh Hale, Jesse Tannous, T. Caires, Justin Spicer, Naomi Laeuchli, Stephen Conway
Greg L
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Great content. I enjoy receiving this magazine

Kelcey Wilson
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This would be great for the kids I work with!
Michael Shea
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Looks fun, thanks.

Gun Coaty
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The designer of Clank makes a good point that I have come to realize over time. My slow play and focus can be good in some situations, but I need to be adaptive enough to recognize when I need to accept a lot more chaos and sunshine. Having a conversation with my peers and allowing myself to make mistakes!

Eugene K
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Very nice designs.

Daniel Scott
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The pet peeves are funny 

Brandy Burkett
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Looks pretty cool to me!

Richard Hicks
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Looks like some interesting articles for sure.

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Thanks for another great issue!

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Peter S
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Nice article on the pet peeves

Ryan Malone
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Love the article on pet peeves!  I can relate to many of them.

Thanks for the great content

Jarren Rogers
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Love the magazine!
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Keep up the good work

Kelly VanAuken
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Great magazine.

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I found out about this mag via Looney Labs, but I'm happily pushing it on other folks now.  It seems like a great resource - both the mag and website.

Rob F.
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Great content and a free game.  What's not to love?

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Gaming Pet Peeves is a good topic for sure.

Happy 30th!

Come hang out at MaricopaCon this August!

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Good issue

Kim Hillman
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Love this idea!

Mark W
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Can't wait to read about Pandasaurus Games.
LeAnn Harbert
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These will make great presents for my whole family.

Susan Morris
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What kid (or adult) doesn't play some type of game now a day?  This looks like a great magazine!

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Good stuff

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Very interesting games of designers board gaming pet peeves. Thank you for the opportunity. 

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found out about this magazine at a con and have subscribed ever since

Andrew Holt
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I'd sure love to see more Chrononauts...

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Big Looney Labs fan here so I appreciated the call out.

mery kanashiro
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Chrononauts is so underrated. LOVE that game!

Jerry Collins
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Give away?  Count me in.

Desiree DeYoung
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Pet peeves can be rather interesting and amusing!!!^_^
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Kool games.

Brittany Carter
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My kids would love this I'm sad it took me this long to find you guys thank you for the great content
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Love that a free mini game is now included!

Travis P.
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The idea of game designer pet peeves is a fun one.

Kathy Cozzarelli
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The board gaming pet peeves article sounds fun.

Strawberry fields
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Looks fun!!

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This is a great magazine, I wish I could get it in stores still. 

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Sounds fun!
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I love board games