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News Flash: Alpha and Exchange Announced, Ticket to Ride Amsterdam

The Alpha

The Alpha and Exchange Announced
The United States Playing Card Company has announced two new board games, set for release June 16th. The Alpha has players controlling a wolf pack, seeking food. “The Near Forest includes easier to catch, but lower value prey. The Far Forest has larger prey that are more difficult to attack, but if successful can result in a great reward. You will lead your wolves through four stages of the hunt.”

In Exchange you are security traders competing on Wall Street. “Players will carefully plan their strategies over five rounds, trying to cash in big in a constantly changing market. The only thing harder than trying to predict the market is anticipating the actions of your opponents, sitting at the table with you. In the end, the player who corners the market and has the highest net-worth will win the game and the title of the best trader on the Exchange.”
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Ticket to Ride: Amsterdam Announced
Days of Wonder has announced a new version of the classic train game, making it smaller and faster to play. "This is an elegantly simple version of Ticket to Ride where players race one another, this time in cart, to claim the most lucrative commercial routes, fulfill rewarding trade contracts, and collect precious merchandise from the bustling streets of this legendary city. Ticket to Ride: Amsterdam is fast-paced, easy to learn in three minutes, and extremely portable—perfect for new players and veterans alike."

Solo Print and Plays
Shut Up and Sit Down has done a video reviewing a batch of free print and play games all designed for one player.

Digital Board Games Humble Bundle
For as little as $1, you can get six digital Asmodee board games that feature multiplayer, over on Humble Bundle. "Say goodbye to boredom with this bundle of board games from Asmodee Digital!"

Bicycle Cards How To Play App
Bicycle Cards has released a how to play app for classic card games, featuring over seventy-five games. "Search our database when you need help explaining the rules of your favorite game to others, or when you need to learn the rules for a new game. Have a variety of kids and adults eager to play together? You can search games that work for both age groups."

Renegade Game Studios Spring Sale
Renegade Game Studios is running a spring sale through May 19th on their website for four of their games.

Dice Tower Award Nominations
The Dice Tower has announced the nominees for this year’s Dice Tower Awards.

Star Wars Talisman Announced
The Op (USAopoly) has announced a new Talisman game, this time set in the world of Star Wars. "Talisman: Star Wars allows players to compete in a circuitous race to reach Emperor Palpatine, collecting items of power along the way to confront the all-powerful Sith Lord or stand beside him as an evil apprentice!"

New York Slice (What’s Eric Playing): “It’s probably a solid game for families or for introducing people to the mechanic.”

The Liberation of Rietburg (Opinionated Gamers): “A nice lightweight (or maybe even family-weight) game that can be a very nice introduction to the Andor universe; and one which doesn’t commit you to a possibly daunting campaign.”

Blockbuster: The Board Game (Games Radar): “If you can get a large enough group together, it’s also a fun exercise in teamwork and/or exasperation.”

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