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CGI#37: Kids Chronicles, Board Game Media, Keeping It Casual, and Breaking Games

Kids Chronicles by Lucky Duck Games is a cooperative family game of adventure, mystery, and investigation based on the Chronicles of Crime game system.

Plus: creative media personalities in board gaming, highlights from the UK Games Expo 2021, casual alternatives to popular heavy weight board games, King of Tokyo: Dark Edition overview and strategy tips, how Breaking Games does things differently, and a FREE print-and-play game: Sack Stackers by Chris Kingsnorth. Our readers also discuss their favorite party games.

This issue also features reviews of Trekking the World, Lost Cities: Roll & Write, Shamans, Royal Visit, Mass Transit, Gorilla Marketing, Super Mega Lucky Box, and a special review of Flapjack Flipout by Major Fun.

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Fall 2021
AnnaMaria Jackson-Phelps, Gerald Brook, Dann Albright, Eric Huemmer, Justin Spicer, Naomi Laeuchli, Stephen Conway
Michael B.
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I really need to get KoT Dark Edition. My kid absolutely adore KoT series, we just haven't gotten that yet. 

Ryan Picklesimer
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I need to get King of Tokyo, but do I get the Dark Edition?

Greg L
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I have read all of the issues. Love the content

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thanks for this issue :) all of them have been interesting reads. 

Rob F.
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Looks like another great issue.

diane sabatini
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I liked the outside the box post.

Mitchell Dane
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Thanks for the info

Kelly VanAuken
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Great format.  Love the art. 

Derek Carpenter
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Great magazine! Fun to read, look forward to new editions!
Jennifer K
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Glad I subscribed!

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keep up the good works!

Richard Lupino
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Love what you guys do keep up the great work.
catherine wall
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Thanks for another chance at a cool giveaway
Jason A Rodriguez
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i love this magizine

Brad R
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I like the idea of lighter versions of popular games.  As someone who likes to play deeper games but have family that like lighter games, it might be nice to gauge their interest and possibly ramp them into the heavier versions.  Great idea.

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Interested in the cover story because always looking for more games to play with my kid.

Pete Donegan
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I love Gloomhaven, I'll have to check out Parks now
David M.
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Nice to see a dedicated magazine to board games the whole family can love.

Erik I.
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I surprisingly didn't know about Kids Chronicles: Quest for the Moon Stones until I saw this issue. Reading the article only made me desire it more.

Eagerly awaiting my DL!

Brittany Gilley
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we love King of Toyko

Jeff Rhind
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Thanks for the new issue

Devin M Chambers
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Looks fun!
Eric L
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Another comment bytes the dust! haha!

Josh Christian
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A great list!
Andrew Holt
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Does the black version of KOT add anything new, or is it just a recolour?

Andrew Gillen
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I love KoT! Also I like the idea for lighter games with the feel of longer, popular games. I have young children and limited time/opportunity to play lengthy games.
Ruth D
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Great! Thanks

Travis P.
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Strategy, reviews, and a PnP game...what's not to like?

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This magazine is the perfect companion to the board game hobby!

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love it.... its nice, i always find out about new games !! thanks

Ryan L.
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Ive enjoyed these issues.

Milly Voskanyan
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I enjoyed reading this onfo.

James Holzhauer
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Intersted in new King of Tokyo and Trekking the World.

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I'm interested in King of Tokyo: Dark Edition. 

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I'm so glad that I funded your Kickstarter!

Thanay Binford
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Bennet Rosenthal
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An invaluable asset to the board gaming community. Keep 'em coming.