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CGI#44: Scram!, Funkoverse, Page-Turning Games, and Scorpion Masqué

Work together to manage an invasion of campsite critters in Bezier Games' new team-based card game, Scram!.

Plus: this summer's sizzling new casual games, tips for playing Funkoverse like a pro, the many hats of Josh Cappel, page-turning board games that have the facade of a book, how fun is no mystery with Scorpion Masqué, and a FREE print-and-play game: Planet Run by Experimental Playground. Our readers also discuss what games (if any) they would rescue from a house fire.

This issue features reviews of MantisMy ShelfieNext Station: LondonFun Facts, Word HeistStampfarm, That's Not A Hat, and a guest review of Velonimo by Major Fun.

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Summer 2023
Andrew Lupp, Justin Spicer, Andrew Brassleay, Natalie Rodriguez, Stephen Conway
Dave R
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As always, it looks like a quality product you all put out! Keep up the great job!

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tons of really pretty games in this month's issue

Edwin Gugino
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Love the magazine and the included game is the cherry on top!

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Another great issue. Thanks!

Andrew Holt
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Could you put stickers in the magazine?

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I dropped for a few years, but am re-subbing!  

Nathan Ware
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Funkoverse is a decent enough game. I just have a hard time understanding how they got so popular in the first place...I guess it's just me. Collectibles can be weird.

Rob F.
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Looks like another great issue.

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Looks like a fun read!

Audrey M.
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Such great games you've showcased here!
Kris Kaminski
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Always great info

Elijah Johnson
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Those campsite animals makes me want to play some Scram!
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So many fun new games to choose from

Brittany Gilley
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thanks for sharing!

Ruth D
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Another great issue.

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Great issue!

Love the publication! 

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Looks interesting.

Kelly VanAuken
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Like the gaming outdoors cover.

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The Page Turners article looks interesting. I got the lifetime digital package last year on Kickstarter but I wish I'd gotten the print version! I'll look for that option...

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Love the Print n Play features

Sue E
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I haven't read this magazine yet, but it looks like it is full of gaming information and fun!  This is an amazing bright group who gets into the whole package not just how to play it!

Rick LaPorte
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thanks for all the game goodness

Edward Petersen
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Love the magazine!
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Always enjoy reading about new games.

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Still think you should add a print subscription to giveaways.

Greg L
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Another great issue. I enjoy receiving and reading this magazine.

Nathan M
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This will be great

Kyle Winston
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Scram looks interesting.

Michael Patience
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As always great content. Keep it up!

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Such a cool publication. I'm digging the cover this month!

Craig Sonis
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Interesting, never knew about this magazine. A+

Kevin P. Greaves
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Informative as always.
Thanay Binford
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we love each edition

Mike McOmber
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Looking good as usual!

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This just makes me want to get more board games. 

Rachael DeBates
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This looks interesting!