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CGI#6: Heroes of Normandie, Moving Beyond Monopoly, and Teaching Young Gamers

IELLO introduces Heroes of Normandie, a fast-paced WW2 strategy wargame inspired by Hollywood war movies.

Plus: how Monopoly can help grow casual gaming, 10 tips for teaching younger gamers more complex games, a recap of the best new casual games at the Essen Spiel 2013 fair, and Michael Mindes of Tasty Minstrel Games (TMG) shares his success story.

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Winter 2014
Chris James, Charlie Hoopes, Blake Evans-Pritchard, James Floyd Kelly, Michael Mindes
Tim Johnson
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Thanks for a great issue!

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Great magazine. Loving my subscription. 

Heroes of Normandie sound fun but I can't find it on Amazon.

Dave Blizzard
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Monopoly gets a real bad rap, if you follow the real rules, it's an exciting game.  Yes the elimination aspect is a negative but the game is usually over in less than 2 hours.

Sally D
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What a great magazine!

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First I've heard of Heroes of Normandie, I'll have to keep and eye on that one.  Also the tips for teaching younger gamers will come in handy with my 5, 7 and 9 year old kids.

Barrett S
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Looks good guys!

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I (for some crazy reason) enjoy Monopoly. I can't wait to read and find out how to explain this to my friends.

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Love these!

Chris Cormier
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I didn't get a subscription for Christmas!  BOO!  Now I'm hoping for a subscription to Casual Game Insider for my birthday!  Hope I win!

J. Riddell
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I'm starting to warm up to giving Monopoly another try.

Alex hong
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Wow. I did not know that Monopoly could HELP casual gaming!

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Can't wait for the next issue to come out :)

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I have two young gamers in my house, so I am excited to see how I can easily introduce them to more complicated games. Thanks!
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Excellent work

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Awesome issue! Can't wait for the next one!

MaryBeth I
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Glad I heard of this magazine - My DD will love it

Kristin Troska
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Nicely.  Thank you.

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What a great issue!

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Never seen this magazine before, but seems like a cool one!

Melissa Weatherford
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I have never seen this magazine, but I like that it has an article on teaching young gamers :)

Gina Ferrell
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What a great magazine!

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Another great issue, I particularly liked Kelly's tips for introducing younger gamers to more complex games.  

Beautiful issue

Tony Simpkins
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nice job

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Games are so important in helping to teach so many different concepts.  Thanks for the information.