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Big Box O' Card Games Giveaway

Big Box O' Card Games Giveaway

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The Big Box O' Games giveaway is back! This time, we're featuring six different card games from various publishers that are sure to sharpen your shuffling skills.

This giveaway includes a brand new copy of each of the following games:

  • What the Food?! — A food fight to the social death! In this game by Squirmy Beast, players take on the role of students seeking popularity by throwing globs of nasty food at each other in the cafeteria. Read our review in the Spring 2014 issue of Casual Game Insider.
  • Stak Bots — Pit your Bots against your opponent! Stak the right Bots at the right time to create winning attack combinations. The last player with Bots standing wins! Read our review.
  • WOW (World of Words) — In this fast-paced word game by U.S. Games Systems, players try to come up with as many words they can in under a minute that start with the first letter and end with the last letter shown on the cards. It's surprisingly fun! Read our review.
  • HeartSwitch — This card game by U.S. Games Systems is a variant of Hearts that's loaded with heart-stopping twists and turns, particularly in the added Witch and Magician cards. Read our review.
  • Sloop — Capture, build, and steal to collect the most cards! Sloop is a game by U.S. Games Systems that introduces surprising twists to the classic card game Casino.
  • Pixel Tactics — Step back into the golden age of Strategy Card Games! Recruit your heroes, build your unit, and take your forces to battle against your opponent in a light-yet-deep tactical duel.

One lucky winner will receive all six games, valued at nearly $80! Enter below for a chance to win, and be sure to invite your friends. (Note: our giveaways are only open to U.S. residents, age 18 or older. Why?)

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JustusProd's picture
Member Since: 04/21/2014

You cannot go wrong with some new games.    Would love the chance to play these with family and friends.  I have HeartSwitch.  It is a great game!

Roy's picture

I love information about new games.  Great to read other people's opinions

Roy's picture

We love to play monopoly

William Alba
Roy's picture

Thanks for the giveaway!

Roy's picture

Family favorite is Loot!  Son/Father is Star Wars LCG.

Tim Moore
Roy's picture

I can't get enough Japanese designers lately.  Shephy, Lost Legacy, Fairy Tale, keep them coming.

Erica C.
Roy's picture

I like gin rummy.

Vicki Andrew
Roy's picture

my daughter is the board gamer, plays about one a week, letting her know about this site


Geoff K
Roy's picture

I love Cards Against Humanity, Fluxx, and Apples to Apples!

Candie L
Roy's picture

We play spades, canasta, and pitch.  Thankyou

Roy's picture

I like solitaire