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CGI#4: Dungeon Roll, Casual Game Design, and Online Gaming

TMG’s Kickstarter smash-hit dice game, Dungeon Roll, is fun for the whole family.

Plus: 3 design tips to keep your strategy game casual, a free card game by casual game designer Daniel Solis, the threats that video game resellers are facing and how board games can help prevent the impending doom, a side-by-side comparison of online boardgaming platforms, an inside look at The Game Crafter and the impact of print-on-demand publishing on the industry, and a look back at the first year of Casual Game Insider.

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Summer 2013
Chris James, Daniel Solis, Eric Huemmer, Tavis Parker, Nicolas Guibert, Greg Isabelli, Kay Wilke, Dave Dyer
Adam Buckingham
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great source for Gaming news, reviews and information!

Jay Sluyter
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I love reading about new casual games...thanks!

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Really enjoyed the card game instructions!  Also, thanks for introducing me to Happy Meeple.

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Great Magazine for info on games!

Mery Kanashiro
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Excited for a new magazine on the market covering my perfect niche of gaming!

Loved reading about Dragon Roll, especially since I was anxiously awaiting my Kickstarter copy.

J. Riddell
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This magazine is right up my alley.

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Great article on Dungeon Roll
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I am really looking forward to Dungeon Roll coming to my local store!

Rachel Miller
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Love casual games =)