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CGI#9: Dark Gothic, TableTop, and Rogue Gaming Behaviors

Join the hunt for evil creatures in Flying Frog's new deck-building card game, Dark Gothic.

Plus: a behind-the-scenes look at Geek & Sundry's hit video series TableTop, 12 rogue gaming behaviors to avoid, a look back at how Apples to Apples came to be, protecting your game from intellectual property disputes, and reviews of many great games, including Spiel des Jahres winner Camel Up.

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Fall 2014
Chris James, Boyan Radakovich, James Floyd Kelly, Al Waller, Matthew Rivaldi
Jeff Briggs
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Great read every issue.

chance rushing
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Its a good start for the mainstream distirbution, I want to see how it developes into a developed magazine.

So glad to see smaller publishers like Foxtrot games included in this issue!

Game reviews are my favorite!

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Definitely worth a read through

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Yet another great issue.  I'm starting to read these cover to cover more and more.

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Member Since: 05/30/2014

Love the fact a nice mix of games, the Tabletop interview, & the types of gamers not to be article.

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Really enjoyed the Tabletop article. Good to see more about something bringing more converts - I was already deep in, but met someone who is gaming because of the show. Thanks.

David Brown
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IP article was useful.

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loved the issue!  lots of interesting new games to check out

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Who is that handsome man on the cover of your magazine??? I looks JUST like MY  wonderful handsome SON :)