December 2018 | Casual Game Revolution

December 2018

Originally released as Capital two years ago in Europe, North Star Games brings the renamed Warsaw: City of Ruins to North American shores.

Take on the role of the pigs in this push your luck dice game inspired by the classic fairy tale.

Would you rather be captain of your own space ship or be able to fly? Which would you miss more if they ceased to exist: bread or the smell of fresh rain?

In this push-your-luck dice game, it’s not just the results that matter, but where they land on the table. So don a ninja mask, as you compete to see who is the mightiest ninja of them all.

­­Z-Man Games has announced a new game in the Oniverse series, Ravensburger is hosting a giveaway, and Dized’s Kickstarter campaign has relaunched.

Your gingerbread man must fight for his life and all his delicious cookie parts, as players go head to head in this free-for-all, real time, dice game.

Kolossal Games is a relatively new publisher in the gaming scene who has gained traction recently with Kickstarter hits like Western Legends and Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy.

While there are nightmarish Tales of Evil and cursed vegetables this month on Kickstarter, there are also games about brewing a cozy cup of tea and building of fields full of animals.

Beautiful artwork, clever clue giving, and bunny meeples! Ten years old already, Dixit has inspired a number of excellent games since its release. But how well does it still hold up?

Z-Man Games has announced a new board game, Hasbro has released a new Monopoly-inspired game, and USAopoly is hosting a giveaway.