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Action Phase Games

Kolossal Games is a relatively new publisher in the gaming scene who has gained traction recently with Kickstarter hits like Western Legends and Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy.

The bees are buzzing and it’s time for some real time dice rolling as you try to steal flowers out from under your opponents and build the greatest hive.

Grow your tree, earn the favor of the tree spirits, and be remembered for generations for your green thumb!

Several games are making their debut at this year’s Origins Game Fair, and two companies announce mergers.

There’s a lot of backstabbing and betrayal afoot this month on Kickstarter, from poisonings and social deduction games to potential love gone wrong. But to lighten the mood there are also cute cats and adorable Cthulhus (yes, apparently Cthulhu can be adorable).

February has been a great month for Kickstarter games, featuring a wide assortment from the creative mixing of tabletop and digital components, to gorgeous artwork, and some great game companies.

This is the month for cooperative games on Kickstarter, with three of them making this month’s roundup. Also present is a two-player strategy game, and a tribute to 80s' horror films.

This is the month for lovers of card games and deck builders or just people who love some awesome animal artwork in their games.