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Gold Mine board game

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Gold Mine is the tile-laying game that started it all for Stratus Games (and, by extension, Casual Game Revolution). In Gold Mine, players take on the role of miners excavating a maze of mine tunnels and secret passages in search of gold nuggets. It may sound easy, but the other miners will stop at nothing to get their hands on the gold, even if they didn't find it first. The first player to collect the required number of gold nuggets and fight his way back to the mine entrance wins!

As the designer and publisher of this game, you won't see a review from me (though I will admit it's one of my favorites). Instead, I'll let other reviewers do the talking. There is also a video tutorial to help new players get started. Enter below to win!

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Loved the article on Hive!  Need more articles explaining games like this.

Casual games rock!  I just discovered Snake Oil by Out of the Box, and it is awesome.

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Can I subscribe to an iPad version?

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Can I subscribe to an iPad version?

We don't have iPad subscriptions of Casual Game Insider available at this point. Hopefully that's something we'll be able to tackle in the future. You can, however, sign up for notifications on the Magcloud website when a new issue is available.

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Again, I am SO glad I found your blog!  My husband and I love board/card games, and have often wished for good reviews to read before we buy!  Thanks!