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Square Shooters Giveaway

Square Shooters

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Square Shooters was featured back in the first issue of Casual Game Insider and we now have a brand new copy to give away to our readers. This fun dice game puts playing cards on dice, bringing new life to many classic games. Enter below to win!

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Griffin Patterson
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I do love myself some dice games. Been loving Dungeon Dice kickstarter for the past month. Really bad for a dice addiction.

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I love reading the game reviews in Casual Game Insider, but I wish there were some reviews of Stratus Games!  I had my friends over for a game night last week and I actually got one of my friends who is very much a party pooper interested in Off Your Rocker (but we didn't get to play because Cards Against Humanity won out in our voting).

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Thanks, Ricki - we're trying to avoid an obvious conflict of interest (reviewing our own games) but maybe we can pull in some 3rd party reviewers at some point. Perhaps a giveaway is in order, though.

Katie K
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Love the myth article on gamer girls!

Sherry Compton
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Our family has always played a lot of games - from Sorry to the obscure Milbourne with card games like Pitch and Skip bo in there, too.  Family games can be fun, educational, and good bonding times.

Sherry Compton
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I'm glad they have an article on gamer girls.  While my daughter only played casually, she enjoyed Magic as much as the males did.  Yes, they do exist.

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Love they have an article on Gamer Girls. My daughter was just playing COD online through xbox and mentioned that she was playing with all boys.