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ASTRA Marketplace & Academy

Game Night Photos

ASTRA hosted a game night on Monday evening in which several publishers had the opportunity to teach and play games with their retailer customers. The format was a bit different than similar conventions, as it was organized in a sort of round-robin fashion where participants had only 10 minutes to learn a game and maybe play a few rounds. Below are some photos from the game night gathering.


A group of people at the International Playthings table tries their best to avoid toppling the tower in Crash.

Grandpa Beck

Brent Beck of Grandpa Beck's Games teaches Golf to an eager group.

Tic Stac Toe

The folks from Pressman Toy engage retailers in a game of Tic Stac Toe, a 3-dimensional 4-in-a-row game.

ASTRA Game Night

The gaming hall later in the evening as people had already begun to shuffle out (hence the empty chairs).

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