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ASTRA Marketplace & Academy

Final Thoughts

ASTRA Marketplace & Academy is a convention that most casual gamers don't think much about, since it is industry-only and primarily focused on toys. In fact, I can almost certainly guarantee I was the only press member at the show with any ties to the game industry whatsoever. But as a casual gamer, I am glad I went. I definitely found some gems and I had the chance to see the more casual side of several publishers who usually put on their hardcore gamer hats at shows like Origins and Gen Con.

In addition to several bags full of samples to add to our review queue, I also came away with a renewed appreciation for the casual games that don't often get a lot of buzz in the hobby gaming world because they're marketed to different channels. Ultimately, casual games are just humbly seeking a good home, and it doesn't matter exactly how they get there — we just hope to be a useful resource to bring them to your attention, wherever they are.